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Employers Are Baffled as U.S. Benefits End and Jobs Go Begging

By  Katia Dmitrieva  and  Olivia Rockeman   Originally published by Emergency un employment benefits in the U.S. expired two weeks ago, but employers who expected an increase in job applications are still largely waiting for them to roll in.  Federal programs that had offered an extra $300 per week for jobless Americans, provided extended benefits for the long-term un employed and gave special aid for the self-employed expired Sept. 6. Economists and companies expected a wave of interest from workers as the financial lifeline was pulled away, hoping it would provide the incentive to get back into the workplace.  That hasn’t happened, according to employers across industries. “People who have been on the sidelines have by and large stayed on the sidelines,” said Richard Wahlquist, president of the American Staffing Association, the country’s largest recruitment-industry group. “Nothing has changed in regard to the benefits that have fallen off and the need for people con

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