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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

15 companies that will let you work from home and are hiring now—some roles pay over $100K

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Originally Published CNBC Published Tue, Nov 8 2022 - 


Companies are scaling back their remote offerings even though jobs that allow you to work from home — or from anywhere in the world — continue to be hot commodities amongst the workforce.

Remote jobs fell to 14% of all active listings on LinkedIn in September, down from a peak of 20% in February, according to a new report from the platform. Yet demand for flexible work options continues to climb: In September, remote job postings drew in 52% of applications on LinkedIn, compared to 50% of applications in February.

So, where are all the jobs with this coveted flexibility? 

To help people find the best remote opportunities, FlexJobs, a membership service for jobseekers, identified the 15 companies with the most remote job openings, including full-time and part-time opportunities, this fall. FlexJobs looked at over 35,000 jobs posted on the site’s database between August and October 2022 to compile their list.

Here are the top 15 companies hiring for remote jobs right now, according to FlexJobs:

  1. CVS Health
  2. UnitedHealth Group
  3. Affirm
  4. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  5. Kraken
  6. Toast, Inc.
  7. Lincoln Financial Group
  8. Twilio
  9. DoorDash
  10. HubSpot
  11. BCD Travel
  12. GitHub
  13. Citizens Bank
  14. Pearson
  15. Alight Solutions

While not all of the companies listed include pay ranges in their job postings, some employers, including CVS Health, UnitedHealth Group and HubSpot, provide estimated salaries with their advertised positions — and several of the available remote jobs offer competitive salaries of $100,000 or higher. 

A remote account executive on HubSpot’s sales team, for example, can expect to earn between $134,000 and $144,000, while a remote medical director at Aetna, a CVS Health company, earns between $141,500 and $302,500 per year. A remote mergers and acquisitions analyst at UnitedHealth Group working out of New York, on the other hand, can expect to earn $72,800 to $129,900 per year. 

In spite of fewer remote job openings, Jennifer Shappley, LinkedIn’s vice president of global talent acquisition, expects flexibility to remain a top priority for workers. 

“Even facing an uncertain future, people still highly value two areas of work life that have gotten a lot of attention since the start of the pandemic: work-life balance, and flexible-work arrangements – including remote work,” Shappley said in LinkedIn’s report, adding that she expects the two attributes to be “top talent drivers” for the next couple of years. 

In a competitive remote job market, your visibility as a candidate could be the key to a successful job search, Toni Frana, a career services manager at FlexJobs, tells CNBC Make It. “Positioning yourself as an expert in your area, being active on social platforms and engaging with others may be the differentiator between you and other candidates,” she says.

Frana also stresses the importance of networking, which can also help you stand out in a tight job market. Professional, virtual communities on platforms like Slack, Reddit, Discord and LinkedIn, for example, offer ample opportunities to meet people who work at remote companies you’re interested in or make personal connections.

As in the traditional job market, “referrals tend to get much more traction than a cold application” for remote jobs, Frana adds. “It’s important not to overlook this part of the process!”

15 companies that will let you work from home and are hiring now—some roles pay over $100K

Poike | Istock | Getty Images Originally Published CNBC   Published Tue, Nov 8 2022 -  Morgan Smith @THEWORDSMITHM Companies are scaling bac...